Live in Palace

Blues, legacy and bond


Lolo Ortega


Album design

Jesús FG

Lolo Ortega is one of Spanish blues greatest exponents. More than 35 years in the music industry attest to this. From the mythical Caledonia Blues Band to his current solo career, passing through groups such as La dama Eléctrica or Los intocables and collaborating with numerous top-level artists.

For this project, eah! designed his album Live in Palace, a live show in which he reviews his own and classic Blues songs.

Lolo Ortega - Live in Palace | eah

The link between Seville and North American roots

Since the blues is known in a “popular” way in Andalusia, there has always been the idea of a connection between that American culture and that of Andalusia. Musically, flamenco and blues have their cradle in towns that have lived a similar existence.

Taking advantage of this nexus as a concept and adding others such as “legacy” and “palace” we get to a graphic solution that is inspired both by the typical American quilts that were passed from mothers to daughters and by the geometry found in the tilework of the Andalusian palace-houses. All this to accentuate the bond found in the Sevillian blues and that is latent in this album, which drinks from all of it.

Lolo Ortega - Live in Palace | eah
Lolo Ortega - Live in Palace | eah
Lolo Ortega - Live in Palace | eah
Lolo Ortega - Live in Palace | eah



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