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UNIQE Design & Build is an Engineering, Architecture and Construction Services Society. It offers design and execution solutions in spaces management.

Uniqe | eah
Uniqe | eah
Uniqe | eah

The different vision of space

Uniqe’s premise is the vision of spaces from a different sensibility. From this idea the imagotype was born. In fact, this concept is interpreted in two different ways and thus it is embodied: Differentiation from the reinterpretation of classical proportions and also that of perceiving the same reality from different points of view.

Uniqe | eah

Reinterpretation of classic proportions

This concept deals with how to create new spaces from the reinterpretation of the classical canons, based on the golden principle, considered as a precept of harmony and beauty since ancient times.

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Different points of view of the same reality

The imagotype has also been designed to play with the concept of how space can be perceived in two different ways. In this case, giving rise to interpreting the image as a plane from its plan view and at the same time as an elevation view, thus reinforcing the concept of differentiation in perception.

Uniqe | eah
Uniqe | eah
Uniqe | eah


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