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Corporate identity

Hematoinnova is a group of associated hematologists who create a network based in different centers in western Andalusia.
Among its core values are innovation and teamwork.

Hematoinnova | eah

Hematologists who work like red blood cells

Blood is a liquid connective tissue, composed of cellular elements, that circulates through capillaries, veins and arteries of all vertebrates.

Hematoinnova is also a network of interconnected cells that works as a team.

So we find that Hematoinnova turns out to be a representation of what they treat, blood.

Advantys | eah
Hematoinnova | eah
Hematoinnova | eah

Color range and typography

The color range symbolizes the fundamental aspects of Hematoinnova, on the one hand the color of blood and on the other the blue associated with health. The typographic choice, sans serif and geometric shapes, respond to the ‘laboratory-innovation’ concept that should be present in graphic communication.

Hematoinnova | eah
Hematoinnova | eah



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